Red Wing Steel Works was originally started to build auto rotisseries and other products for the auto restoration industry. Because of certain circumstances (kids and life in general) this aspect of the business never got enough of my attention. I had to spend most of my time taking construction and farm equipment repair jobs to keep the money coming in.

In the early 90’s I graduated from Riverland Technical College in Rochester, MN with a degree in mechanical drafting. I found out in a hurry that what drafters got paid vs. what good welders got paid was quite different. I decided to keep welding like I had been doing since I was 16 years old. Now I am 42 with my wife Suzie and 2 sons and have been an Ironworker out of the local 512 (St. Paul) for the last 9 years.

I figured since I didn’t have much time to build these products, I would take all the research and knowledge I have about this stuff and combine it with my drafting background and make plans for them instead. This website is a culmination of things that I have built in the past as well as things I will be building in the future.

This website is not my full time job. The response time might not be as quick as expected, sorry for that.

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