A Quick Tip for Striking an Arc with a Stick Welder

Strike arcWhen you are just learning to stick weld it can be tricky to start your arc. Part of the problem could be both the amperage and the type of rod you are using. If the rod keeps sticking to the metal you might want try a different rod, change the amperage, or even check to make sure that the polarity is correct. For instance, if you are using 7018 rods you might want to try 6010 or 6011. They are much easier to learn how to strike an arc with. A good heat setting for 1/8″ 6010 or 6011’s is 105 – 110 amps. A good heat setting for 1/8″ 7018 is 120 – 125 amps.

This is just a quick tip. It is meant for practice and I am not recommending switching to a rod that is not correct for the job you are trying to do.