Welding Table Plans 3×5 Heavy Duty

Welding Table

These plans are for the heavy duty version of the welding table I would build if I didn’t need anything massive. This welding table is built using a heavy duty square tube frame and legs. It also has a 3/8″ thick top and utilizes an expanded metal shelf for self cleaning storage underneath. This is a much heavier duty welding table than the standard angle iron frame table. This will be a really compact and stout table that should last forever unless you are doing some super industrial stuff with it.

In the plans I call out for an expanded metal shelf but, that can be made from anything you wish. I usually like expanded metal for it’s wonderful self cleaning properties. The possibilities are really endless and this was just meant to be a guide to get you started. Don’t worry about changing out the materials as you see fit. Maybe you have some scrap iron leftover from your last project you would like to use. This will be a quick and easy project for anyone who is looking for plans like this. Chances are if you need a heavy welding table like this you already know what you are doing and I can shut up now. Have fun.

Click on the link below for a printable PDF.

Red Wing Steel Works 3×5 Heavy Duty Welding Table Plans