Welding Table Plans 3×5 Standard

Welding Table Plans

The welding table plans you see here are meant to be a very affordable version of the table. A table like this will be ideal for some all around projects in a small shop or garage. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very capable welding table. I happen to have this exact type of table in my garage and I have built many things on it. With that said, if you are looking for some much heavier duty welding table plans, you better go here instead.

This welding table has endless possibilities even if the plans don’t show everything. You could add a shelf to it for some storage (I did this), you could put it on casters for mobility (I did this), or even bolt a vise to it ( I did this too). Feel free to swap out any style of materials you wish. The idea of these welding table plans were to just give you a quick idea and some measurements and let you run with it.

This table has an all angle iron frame and a 3/16″ thick top so as to keep the material costs to a minimum. I would suggest that the frame be welded solid but, I would only stitch weld the top to prevent warping. This should be a nice and easy welding project so even if you are just getting started with welding, you won’t find a much better project for the money.

Click the link below for a printable PDF.

Red Wing Steel Works 3×5 Standard Welding Table Plans